Duke Energy is back with an energy ball recipe

Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric utility, has introduced a new energy ball-sized energy drink recipe, but it comes with a few notable limitations.

According to the company, its Energy Balls are the largest energy drink in the world.

To date, it has sold 5,800 Energy Balls, each of which is around 6.8 ounces.

The recipe for the Energy Balls is a little different from the one the company used for its Energy Ball Diet, which has been available since September.

The Diet was a high-fat, high-carb diet, which included foods high in fiber, sugar, and fat.

It also included ingredients like soy protein isolate, nuts, and seeds.

The company said the Energy Ball diet has also been popular with health experts, and that it has proven to be a safe and effective way to lose weight and control blood sugar levels.

But, as noted by CNBC, this recipe doesn’t include the nutritional content that is normally found in the diet, and may cause some to believe that it’s healthier to eat a little less.

The Energy Balls contain ingredients that are typically found in other energy drinks, including protein powder, water, and carbohydrates, according to the recipe description.

This recipe is also a little more complex than the Diet.

Instead of just a simple high-protein energy drink, the company is using ingredients like coconut oil, coconut butter, and maple syrup.

It’s also been suggested that the EnergyBall Diet may not be the most nutritious of energy drinks.

It’s possible that the company may have added too many calories into the diet.

But since this is the largest Energy Ball, the nutritionist has been saying that the diet is probably not the best option for weight loss.

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Image via Duke Energy